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Housing Colocation Fantastic infrastructure for your project. Datacenter sites located in Santiago or Temuco with full redundancy. Three physical security levels, controlled access to the datacenter rooms. Welcome to Anacondaweb Collaborating with customers to support your technology projects We invite you to get to know our wide range of products and services focused on developing your interned based ideas.

Why choose Anacondaweb? More than 15 years supporting people and companies as a Technology Partner. VPS Cloud. What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

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The perfect choice for projects with growth potential. It is a supply of computer power than can be escalated at very reasonable costs. All your sites, emails, and other data reside on a virtual machine. Dedicated Server.

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What is a dedicated server? The best datacentre infrastructure for your servers. This service includes: Housing in Santiago.

Santiago – based inside the redundant connectivity circuit

Our Partners. Can we assist you? Please provide us your Information and we will get in touch shortly: Soporte Técnico El respaldo de servicio que tus proyectos necesitan. Ticket de Soporte Ingresando a su Perfil Cliente. Estimados clientes Informamos que a partir de las For starters, Linux is an open source operating system. The developers of this operating system release updates and new revisions regularly and it is always free of charge.

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An operating system like Windows is a commercial product and users must pay for a license to simply use a copy of the OS. Put simply, because there is no charge to us to install a Linux operating system on a server, we can, therefore, pass this savings on to our valued customers. This makes all of our Linux OS based plans more affordable than they would otherwise be if based on a commercial OS, and ultimately, helps save you money.

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Even though this operating system is open source and thus, free to install and use, it also happens to be stable, secure, and ultra reliable. A Linux Virtual Private Server is the perfect combination. It combines all of the great benefits that a Virtual Private Server has to offer with all of the wonderful benefits that Linux has to offer. With a Linux VPS, you are going to get both the security and reliability that comes from having a VPS in addition to the security and reliability that comes from running a Linux-based operating system.

You truly will get the best of both worlds with a Linux Virtual Private Server.

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  5. At A2 Hosting we know what our customers want and need. We like to offer hosting to our customers that we ourselves would fall in love using. Our priorities at A2 Hosting are to offer ultra-reliable and super fast solutions. We believe that if we deliver on these two top priorities our customers will truly appreciate the hosting services we offer.

    To this end, we uphold to our customers a SSD type drives are much faster than older mechanical counterparts, across the board. As we hope to become your Linux VPS web hosting provider of choice, we are fully aware just how important it is for things to go smoothly. Consejos para el desarrollo Web, estrategias de marketing y novedades de A2 Hosting enviadas a su email.

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    Why Linux? Stable - With a Linux-based OS, when physical components are upgraded and installed inside the system there is no need to perform a reboot of the system. When a computer system is rebooting, its resources and any data that could be fetched from the system are for most intents and purposes unavailable until the reboot has finished. In a Linux OS-based server this is never an issue.

    Secure - Thanks to an extremely competent and robust community of users, Linux is an extremely secure OS. Ultra-reliable - Besides the two key points already mentioned previously that help prove the case of Linux OS reliability, there is also the nice feature inherent to Linux operating systems that when one component fails there is the immediate fail-over switch to another component that has not failed.